Baby Quilt: signed, sealed and almost delivered…



I sewed leaves on the back with important details. The leaf with her name I have not shown

I have finished the baby quilt and I am quite pleased with it. I have sent it by registered mail and it should arrive tomorrow! I’m excited to see what they think and I’m wanting to see her wrapped in the quilt. I bought a Gumnut Baby hat through Etsy and it matches perfectly. I have also purchased a Gumnut Baby Book to go with it too. I’m so excited…


The photo doesn’t do justice to the colours in the quilt.

My nephew’s dad is my brother. Both his parents have passed away and I feel like it is part of my family duty to make up for the loss of these grandparents for the baby. I hope they would have been pleased with my efforts.


The close up picture is a little better… but it is brighter than this

My nephew has a twin sister, so I have plenty of material left over for her first born too. Being twins I think it is fitting to have a matching quilt. I will put green material with hers so there will be a point of difference, but also that connection.


This is the cute little Gumnut Babies hat. I have left the plastic on so it remains pristine for bub…

So now I’m itching to make another one. I just might get the “twin” quilt made. you never know when you might receive happy news…


17 thoughts on “Baby Quilt: signed, sealed and almost delivered…

  1. It’s beautiful Kym, what a lovely, special gift! The little extras will have added to the wow factor also I’m sure. And such a lovely idea to have an almost matching one for the next babe to arrive, no pressure of course! πŸ™‚

  2. I can’t wait to see that baby swaddled in that amazing quilt Kym. The care, love and obvious attention to detail that you have put into making this glorious heirloom quilt is more than obvious. You are the very best kind of aunty and they will adore it :).

  3. I saw this when you posted, Kym, but life was a bit frazzling at the time and I forgot to come back and comment. Sorry. I loved this quilt! What a wonderful gift for a newborn. I’m more or less settled for now and have the use of my cousin’s serger and sewing machine as my sewing machine is still in storage somewhere near the back (of course). And I don’t have a serger myself. Your lovely tea cosies are high on my list of projects to finally !!! get around to making. I have two lovely white trays (also in storage for now) and have decided to mae a quilted mat for each of them. I think one will match one cosy and the other the second. I shall have to get a couple of teapots now, won’t I? I gave my Aunty’s old pot to my RN sister, who will treasure it as I would have done. I have the little coffee percolator, though.
    Anyway, I do hope you will have time to catch us up one day not too far off. But no pressure. I can hardly complain about anyone not posting, as I’ve done little myself for so long.

    Lovely to drop by and read this again, though. I always enjoy reading about your life.
    Hugs from the Autumnal BC Interior. ❀ ❀ ❀

  4. Hi, Kym; just popping by for a moment. I can hardly believe how many bloggers have taken an extended break from posting this past year. Me, too, I’m afraid. But I do hope to see you here again one day. No matter; take care of yourself first and foremost. Not always an easy thing to do. Still haven’t begun the cosies but I do have fabric now; just waiting on the arrival of a new rotary cutter πŸ™‚

    Hope you are well and I’m imagining you out in a garden preparing for summer again. Here we have already had two nights of heavy wet snow that looks as though it will stick til spring. The lilac bushes, which are quite tall, are bent almost double under the wet, frozen weight. It’s all so postcard beautiful, though. And I’m lucky enough to be able to stay indoors most of the time. Much knitting and some crochet going on here for the moment.

    Love and hugs to you. ~ Linne

  5. Thanks Linne, lovely to hear from you. I’m looking forward to seeing your cosies, now that you have the material, very exciting. I have been very nomadic this year and sometimes without internet. I have been busy making baby quilts as my nephew has had a little girl and his sister is now pregnant. Then my other niece has let me know she has one on the way too! Exciting times. I have taken photos and hope to do a blog. Probably next year as we will be off to the country again next week, until almost Christmas. I’m planning on taking my machine to quilt the baby quilt I am madly piecing together at the moment. It is hot here already and we’ve had a couple of humid days too. Hate the humidity… Take care and I hope to see your lovely creations in another blog, soon x

    • Thanks, Kym! The cutter hasn’t come yet (long story), but once it arrives . . . I have some other interesting stitching projects in the works, too, as I’ve bought patterns for making undies as well as some stretch fabric to use. Everyone who makes these raves about them, so I have high hopes.. I have to wait for April for hose though, as I’m still in the midst of letting my weight return to normal and I want stuff to fit. Also still deciding what to make for my friend’s wedding next year. (to make for me, I mean).. I’m thinking a tea-length dress or skirt. I love small patterns but I want the shawl to show up. So now I’m thinking maybe a soft sage green. Stay tuned! Love and hugs from chilly BC (and very snowy again!).
      I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and all the best in the New Year. ~ Linne

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