Valentines Day

My husband and I usually do something to celebrate this romantic day. Nothing too sensational, just something we will both enjoy. This year my husband brought home a beautiful bunch of roses. I love flowers and these were sensational. He had been out of town for work. Before he left I hinted that flowers might be lovely. Not my usual style, he has always managed to surprise me with something nice, but I just felt like some flowers and they are not available where we live.
I guess I was feeling a bit sad and thought the flowers would be a nice way to brighten up my day. A year ago we got a phone call from my son to say my husband’s dad, Brian, had passed away. We were devastated. He was such a part of our lives. We miss him, plain and simple.
We like to think that he wanted to see his beloved Phyllis in time for Valentines Day.
We can’t believe how fast the year has gone.
So life goes on and we carry those lost in our hearts and they bubble to the surface in our thoughts.
At 8.30pm my phone laughed at me (that’s my text notification) and I went to see if Bruce was texting me goodnight, but there was nothing on my phone. No text, no download, no facebook message…
So it seems that Brian has us in his thoughts too.