Mother’s Day

I was feeling a little sad about this Mother’s Day. I was thinking about my Mum and my Mum in Law. They were very different people but I loved them both, my mother because she was my mother and my mother in law because she was a gift to me. My mum and I didn’t see eye to eye very often but I have many fond memories of her. She could be good fun my mum and we had some good laughs together. I didn’t always understand where she was coming from but I realised that she did love me in her own way. I admire her toughness and forturtude that got her through many hard scrapes in life. She taught me resilience and to make the best beef and vege soup 🙂  But really, in hindsight, she taught me a lot. I just wasn’t listening at the time. Now I look back and can smile and think ah that’s what you meant.

Phyllis was my husbands step mother, but she was not the typical type you think of. She was warm and loving and we were best friends. She was truly a gift to me. She taught me softness, something that took a while! She taught me kindness and loving no matter what. Her arms stretched out and embraced us all in her loving hug.

I lost them both too soon and miss them dearly. They are in my heart, always and so I still do have them with me. I often chat to them when I potter in the garden or if I’m finding something tricky when I’m sewing. Millions of memories, sometimes overwhelming me, but mostly they warm me through with love and appreciation.

I’m living away from my sons now and was feeling a little sad about that too. Then my youngest rang me and we had a lovely chat. He had sent some money to his dad to take me out to tea, and so I was feeling spoilt and loved. Then I opened my facebook page and found a message from my eldest boy, wishing me Happy Mother’s Day and saying he will call later. He had also send me something in my emails, I was told to have a look. Ah a mystery gift, how exciting…

Well what I found was a remarkable gift, from the heart of my darling boy. A letter about his mum, hey that’s me. I cried bucket loads! Such beautiful words.

My heart is full to overflowing ❤

My Mother