Fran’s wall hanging

I made a wall hanging for my friend who, like me, was reaching a respectable age of 50. I remembered a kit I had bought many years ago called “Psycho Chickens” and decided that it was perfect. If you follow my friends blog you will know the trials and tribulations she has gone through with her chooks :).

Psycho Chickens 007

The pattern for the two types of chickens

Psycho Chickens 006

Sorry it’s sideways?? Thanks Donna Warren for your excellent design


I was feeling a bit excited to be using more than the straight stitch on my shiny new sewing machine, as the wall hanging required some applique.

After washing and cutting the necessary bits into the necessary sizes I began my new project.

50th birthday projects 001

Material’s washed

50th birthday projects 002  Putting the background together was the easy bit. Yikes it turned out to be quite large in the end. 

50th birthday projects 013

I love this chook wire material

Next was to sort out which bits to put with the chook material. The feet and wings were pretty obvious, but the giblets and coxcombs were not so easy. The down side to a kit is you don’t necessarily like all the choices, but I think, in the end, it turned out ok.

psycho chickens 005

One of the chook combos. this is when it had been vlisofixed on but not embellished

psycho chickens 004

Version number 2 of the chooks

Then came the fun part! What stitch to use on the chooks. I spent a bit of time using a rectangular piece of material that had the wadding and backing on too. I use it to do samples of the stitches, taking note of which one and if I adjusted the size etc. Once I had picked the stitches I wanted to use, it was then time to get going.


These are the 4 chooks ready to be appliqued

I had a great time doing the applique stitches on my machine. It purred along nicely and I learnt alot about some of the functions on it. I love the button that does a few stitches at the start and end of your work, also the scissor button that pulls the threads to the back and cuts them. I was not sure what to do in the borders but decided on a stitch that looked like chickens walking. Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! I decided to cross hatch the outer boarders, and that is when I discovered how rusty my sewing skills had become… after unpicking one of the borders, I hate unpicking :(, I was happy with the results and put the binding on.

psycho chickens 003

Another chooky version

psycho chickens 002

Last of the chooky versions

Finially it was ready to wrap. Only one day before I flew out, phwew! I’m glad to say that Fran seemed to like it and it looks wonderful on her loungeroom wall. I’m a little biased but hey it’s my blog lol


The wall hanging in situ 🙂

Happy birthday Fran, it was a labour of love x


What happens before you turn 50? Bucket List:

  • 1. Fly to Tassie
    2. Drive to Sidmouth
    3. Get attacked by GIANT dogs
  • IMG_3059
    4. Survive dog slobber
    5. Drink


6. Drive to Hobart
7. Drink

8. Drive up Mt Wellington

9. Throw snowball at Fran

10. Freeze arse off on top of Mt Wellington

11. Shit pants driving down Mt Wellington

12. Clean pants

13. Drink

14. Try to interpret Fran’s driving instructions (saying “go up there” means left, while pointing straight ahead??)
15. Drink

16. Drink some more

17. Walk to bottle shop in the rain….
18. Eat terrific chilli meal (Thanks Steve)
19. Drink

20. Fart (damn beans)
21. Drink
22. Cook my own breakfast
23. Feed copious cats
24. Admire the estate
25. Drink

26. Wait for amazing stir fry, waiting, waiting, waiting
27. Feel smug that Fran is already 50 🙂



Fran trying to figure out what the hell it is 🙂
28. Drink