Another Tea Cosy!

Ok so I’ve been bitten by the tea cosy bug!

But I have to say they are useful.  There is so much yummy material to choose from too. Do I go pretty or maybe funky or do I try this with that… sigh so many choices.


Ok so this time I thought I would do some patchwork teacups. I have a terrific book that has patterns for lots of different 4 inch squares and found a pattern I liked. It took me a while to choose which pieces of material to use with each other. I put bits together and ummed and erred, then walked out of the room and came back again later to see what I thought. Anyway finally made a decision and made the teacup squares first.


The teacup has a napkin under it so I dug out some broglais englais. It was white, which I thought was a little too stark. I cut out two pieces and then dyed them. One in tea and one in coffee. I liked both of the effects so used both, one on each side.




I used vlisofix to attach it to the piece of material in the block. I then used satin stitch around the edge of the napkin to finish it off. I also embroidered a handle onto the edge of the cup. 

I used some 5 1/2 inch squares that I already had cut out from a previous project. Love using up left overs 🙂  I sewed two squares together for each side of the teacup block.


Once the teacup block was finished, I lined it up to the side blocks and added a piece to the bottom of the teacup block to make it fit the size of the side blocks.


I made sure I had sewn enough material together to be large enough for the template, I then pinned this to the wadding. Again I used the wool wadding. It’s nice to sew and has proven to be great for keeping the teapot hot.



I quilted in the ditch of the teapot block then did a basic 1 inch wide stitch from top to bottom. I used grey as it was pretty neutral with the materials I used. I thought about using green but decided to go with the grey.



When I was happy that I had enough quilting I then cut out the shape. I folded the template in half both ways so that I ended up with a cross in the middle. This helped me to make sure the teacup block was more or less in the middle of the template.


I usually pin the template to the material and then cut it out with scissors, but this time I just winged it by pressing down with my hand and cutting with my cutter. Very slowly and carefully I might add and luckily it went okay.


Once I had both sides cut out I sewed them together and then I had to decide on the inside lining. Seems easy but it took me a day or two to decide!


I decided to embelish the teacosy with some suffolk puffs, also known as yoyos. I had these made already (excellent, another repurpose). Chose 4, 2 for each side. Then went through all my buttons to put on top.



Once these were done I then attached the lining. Not forgetting to pin the heart for the top of the teacosy.



So true confession time. The teacosy is a little short for my pot, but I will see if it still works… or I might send it to Fran. I measured it and I think it will fit hers.


Also the lining was a little tricky and it took me a couple of goes to make it sit properly.



Anyway here is my finished teacosy. Hope you enjoyed my journey 🙂

Image        Image


4 thoughts on “Another Tea Cosy!

  1. Now it’s my turn to “eh?” What the heck is a vlisofix? Sounds like something that Vikings do to their slaves in order to make sure that they don’t run away! Broglais englais sounds like a French ice cream flavour and is definately sounding more and more delicious being combined with tea and coffee. You could even call it a staple food with those 2 ingredients! “WOOT!” my little short teapot might just have gotten me over the finish line with this gorgeous creation. Oh BABY it’s pretty 🙂 Probably WAY too pretty for my humble little kitchen and teapot but if you do decide to aimlessly post it in the Tasmanian direction I will most gratefully use it in order to make my little teracotta teapot a real fixture on my countertop this winter :). I haven’t used it much since I found it nestled behind the mugs in a box of sundries at a car boot sale about 7 years ago because it goes cold WAY too soon and I like to drink my tea very hot. I can see that your teapot is peeking out from under the bottom. Your teapot’s loss might just be my win! Hugs to the teapot and to you, you clever little vegemite you 🙂 By the way, hope that half a sheep went down well for last nights tea 😉

  2. Lol Vlisofix is a product that you iron onto a piece of material, then you cut your shape out and iron it onto whaterver you need to decorate. It is great for decorations. Broglais Englais is a french word, it has been around for years. In fact I had a broglais englais top with frills and all. It comes and goes in the fashion stakes. Yes I thought it would probably be too pretty for your taste… I have something in mind that I think (sweat, sweat ) will suit your lovely kitchen more x Side of sheep gone and tasty too. Now where did I put that cow??? 🙂

  3. Kym, not sure how I missed this post . . . still, better late than never, eh?

    I love your cosies! I’d plan to make one myself, but due to recent developments will not have time for a wee bit. I won’t write about it now; I’ll be posting soon (well, taht’s the plan, anyway) 🙂 Hugs to you. ~ Linne

    p.s. I especially like the way you mirror the fabrics from one side to the other. And the heart handles . . . just gorgeous! ~ L

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