What happens before you turn 50? Bucket List:

  • 1. Fly to Tassie
    2. Drive to Sidmouth
    3. Get attacked by GIANT dogs
  • IMG_3059
    4. Survive dog slobber
    5. Drink


6. Drive to Hobart
7. Drink

8. Drive up Mt Wellington

9. Throw snowball at Fran

10. Freeze arse off on top of Mt Wellington

11. Shit pants driving down Mt Wellington

12. Clean pants

13. Drink

14. Try to interpret Fran’s driving instructions (saying “go up there” means left, while pointing straight ahead??)
15. Drink

16. Drink some more

17. Walk to bottle shop in the rain….
18. Eat terrific chilli meal (Thanks Steve)
19. Drink

20. Fart (damn beans)
21. Drink
22. Cook my own breakfast
23. Feed copious cats
24. Admire the estate
25. Drink

26. Wait for amazing stir fry, waiting, waiting, waiting
27. Feel smug that Fran is already 50 πŸ™‚



Fran trying to figure out what the hell it is πŸ™‚
28. Drink


10 thoughts on “What happens before you turn 50? Bucket List:

  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Kymmie!

    I’m glad you are having such a good time (and that it was only rain; snow is more fun to visit than to live with).

    Nice dogs, eh? A bit too large to smuggle home, I think . . .

    I’m looking forward to hearing about the rest of your celebrations! ~ Linne

    • Thanks Linne, just got home and my liver is in recovery πŸ™‚ We had a great time, well I did lol, I hope Fran did too. The dogs are beautiful, just a little excited when I was first on the scene lol.

  2. One or twenty more like ;). My liver is pickled and my derriΓ¨re has decided to become a small continent. We just had 2 really lovely sunny days but now it looks like we are going to get some snow it’s that cold! At least I have 2 hot water bottles now ;). Steve, Earl, Bezial and I can huddle shivering next to Brunhilda for the next few days… Stromboli for tea tonight, have you made one for Bruce yet? Did he like his cheese? πŸ™‚

    • It’s chilly here too. No hot water bottle, but I do have an electric blanket, so nice to snuggle under the covers with lovely warm surrounding me. Bruce and the puppies manage to keep me warm too πŸ™‚ Stromboli on the weekend, flour and yeast has been purchased, and Bruce is looking forward to it. He has managed to consume one od the cheeses but I think he will try one or two more on the weekend. Give the dogs a cuddle for me x

      • The sunshine is now officially GONE and rain has set back in :(. We have decided that the best we can hope for with the driveway is for it to wash completely away to the bedrock ;). The dogs send hugs. Bezial has just started to stop sulking but when I came back from shopping on Monday he went looking for you :). It’s not so cold at the moment as the rain mellows out the cold temperatures but I have stoked Brunhilda and am up nice and early to get started on some of the WORST studies that we have had to do in this course so far :(. Boring research…boring subject matter and boring full stop :(. Oh well, back to the drawing board! πŸ˜‰

      • Oh dear your poor drive way. You will need climbing gear soon to traverse those ravines! When you come to my blog which blog is first?? The one I wrote when I got home has been moved to the middle of the list and I wondered if it meant it wasn’t showing as the new blog to read? Between this and the damn Kaspersky(can’t get into my bank accounts??) I’m feeling a bit techo faded lol. Will have to find time on the weekend to sort it out. Trouble is my weekends are busy too! I’m going back to city living ha ha. Give Bezial a hug and tell him I miss them both too 😦 We have had some chilly mornings but by lunch the sunshine manages to peek through and warm us up a little. It is super foggy this morning, so should end up a nice day. Rug up, keep warm and try to get through that boring bit of the course without throwing the computer, or something else, at the lecturer lol. x

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