My New Sewing Machine

Okay here is my new baby!


Janome Horizon 8900 QCP

Janome Horizon 8900 QCP


After a lot of research on the internet I had narrowed down my choice of machine to 2 different Janome machines. I also liked a Bernina, but apart from winning lotto or saving up some more cash for another year, it was out of my price range. I had looked at the prices of these two machines on an Australian website, so I had an idea of what price they would be.Β  I had also prepared my husband by showing him a machine that cost $6000 first, so imagine his relief when I then said one for half that price would probably do Β πŸ™‚ .

The brains of the machine

The brains of the machine

I had a big think about which features were important to me. As my current machine was about 30 years old, It was a fairly basic model and has done a lot more than it was intended for. One of the features that I liked was the needle stopping in the down position. I loved the idea of this and I could see it would save me time. I also wanted the inside area, between the needle and the right side of the machine to be wider, as this would make it much easier to sew a larger quilt. The differential feed, (walking foot), was high on my list as it makes quilting easier and neater. I had bought a walking foot for my current machine and liked how it worked. The knee lift was an interesting idea and since mucking about with it I can see it will be a great asset when I have my hands full of quilt and need to turn it. Another feature that came with the machine is a button, which when pressed, cuts and pulls the thread through to the bottom side of the fabric. Now that is what I call a time saver. The hours I have spent pulling the threads through to the other side, well no longer will I need to, my handy dandy machine will do it for me, all at the press of a button!

See the scissors button? Now my favourite button

See the scissors button? Now my favourite button. Oops it’s at the top, cut half off πŸ™‚

I headed off to the first shop on my list. As soon as I saw my machine I fell in love! Then I saw the in store special price and that was it, I was a gonner. The very pleasant lady explained the features of the machine, gave me some scrap pieces of material and left me to play. I must have been there an hour, asking her questions from time to time. Because it is electronic I was a little worried about pressing buttons and ending up doing something to the expensive machine. But once she explained a few things it was really easy. I was impressed with the way it just purrrrrrrred along, not quite as much clunking as my old machine. The foot pedal is huge, which makes it easy to use. Lots of impressive stitches are available at a press of the button, and you can programme your favourite stitches into the memory making it easier to select. Lots more features on this little beauty but at the risk of boring you to death I will forgo a longer list. Maybe after I have sewn something with it I will tell about some more but for now just admire the pictures



Extra large foot pedal and knee lift

Extra large foot pedal and knee lift

Lots of stitch options

Lots of stitch options

Storage areas

Storage areas



5 thoughts on “My New Sewing Machine

  1. HOLY MACARONI that machine looks like you need a degree in physics before they will let you use it! You clever minx! You had best hope that Bruce never gets curious and reads your blog ;). You are going to make Linne drool all over the place now ;). At least it will melt the snow Linne! ;). I bet you are having an absolute ball with it. Bruce won’t ever have to share the telly remote again with you, you will be persona non grata for some time πŸ˜‰

    • Oh, I’m drooling, all right!! Mine is quite serviceable, but very plain and was old when I got it from a friend back around ’80. Mum has a fancier one with the programmable stitches and all sorts of embroidery stitches and so on. Mine has drop-in disks for special stitches, but I haven’t gotten around to trying that yet . . .

      Snow all gone, maybe that’s why . . . but now very hot! +28C today and maybe +30 tomorrow. ;-( All I want is nice, slightly crispy spring mornings and slightly warmer afternoons; enough to let me sit out on the balcony. Ok, ’nuff of that! No sewing in there, nohow. Sorry, Kymmie!

      Now I want to see some sewing projects! Tomorrow, k??

      If I lived down there, I’d bring my patches to you for practising quilting on . . . πŸ™‚

      Have fun! It’s a lovely machine!

  2. I have been drooling ever since I got it home and unpacked it! I have been having a play with it just to see all the ins and outs of how it works. I’m loving some of the features and getting used to using others. I used the needle threader today, just because it was there :). Took me a bit longer than just normal threading, but I have the hang of it now. Think I will just thread as usual anyway, unless I’m having a “blind” moment. It even has a button to stop and start the machine if you don’t want to use the foot pedal. Great if you were disabled eh. For now I will use the extra large foot pedal, sure can’t miss it! Bruce knows my tactics very well πŸ˜€ even so he did feel a little feint when I said it was the one I wanted. We sure made that ladies day! I’m getting the hang of using the computerised selection panel for stitches. You can store your favourite stitches in a file, thank god, or it would take me about 5 minutes each time to scroll through all the options to get to the one I want. Anyway, just taking a tea break, so must return to my sewing machine. I can hear it calling me πŸ™‚

  3. Wow. That is a sexy sewing machine. Drooling here too. Mine was off eBay, the exact same machine my mum has and she bought hers new in 1974. The second thing she sewed on hers was her wedding dress. πŸ™‚ Mine is a little more beaten up than hers but I love my Elna SU. I was recently given another machine, far more modern and with buttons but have since fallen out after some serious nastiness with the lady who gave it to me so I am not keen to use it. Too many memories. It’s not as sexy as yours though. I can’t wait to see what wonderful things you sew with it. Please share. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for your comment. I am still looking at my machine with wonder! It is the most extravagant thing I have ever bought :). I will share what I’m sewing when it gets interesting… only sewing curtains for the caravan at the moment, not sexy at all lol.

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