My Button Collection

I made this many moons ago and use it to hold buttons that I am yet to sort.

I made this many moons ago and use it to hold buttons that I am yet to sort.

I have a large collection of buttons which I have been collecting since my early 20’s. I sort them by colour, mostly. Sometimes they are by sort, such as the baby buttons. Some are buttons that my Mum had used for clothes she made me. I inherited these when she passed away. It helped to boost my collection. She had hers in a large round tin, probably held biscuits originally. I can remember running my fingers through them when I was little.

Their little faces are buttons, of course.

Their little faces are buttons, of course.

I use to buy buttons from our local op shop, they also had a huge tin full of buttons. They were very cheapย to buy that way. Then a new lady came to the store and decided to parcel them up into groups and sell them at a rather large sum of money each bag. What to do…. well then I bought clothes from the op shop with buttons on that I liked. They were much cheaper than the small bags of buttons too. I would cut off the buttons and put the item back into the recycle box. This way I got some buttons, and they got to sell the item again. Buttons 003In my twentys I worked for a large department store as a floor manager. One of the areas I had under my management was the Haberdashery department. I just loved that area. It was like having my drug of addiction handed to me on a plate! I had materials, patterns, buttons, more buttons and ribbons etc. My sewing box expanded to my sewing cupboard, then it just spilled out to a whole room! Anything that went on special was just too good to pass up. Most women sneak clothing and shoes into the cupboard, hiding them from their husbands, but for me it was crafty stuff. Buttons 004I was going through some boxes the other day, sorting out my new sewing room in my recently moved to house, when I came across one of those acquisitions. It was a book on how to crochet doilies! I couldn’t believe it. I had just been admiring a blog of Linne’s which had some beautiful doilies on. My good friend, Fran, who also has an excellent blog, had expressed a desire to make these. So into the post it will go, to Fran, and she can ponder on whether she has time or not. Notice I said good, Fran, not old lol :). Anyway, Linne wanted a photo of my buttons, so I will attempt to post them with this post. Wish me luck ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are the buttons on my windowsill in my sewing room.

Here are the buttons on my windowsill in my sewing room.


Buttons 005

6 thoughts on “My Button Collection

  1. Kym, thank you! I just read all your posts except not all of the tips to simplify your life. The stories from your life were SO interesting to read!

    Your button bag is beautiful; I love the little button-heads!! How did you do the faces? Are the eyes thread or paint??

    . . . and I see you have at least a small addiction for glass jars and bottles; I do, too. Yours look so nice in the windowsill. I have a collection of small pale green bottles and when I stayed with a friend once, we ranged them along her white-painted mantlepiece, then put a single sweetpea blossom in each one. They were SO lovely!

    I’m glad you have a blog! I’ll be back for more!!

    • Thanks Linne

      I used cotton knots for the eyes. It was a fun project. Your bottles sound lovely. Did you take a picture of the sweetpea blossoms in them? I started my blog to have my cousins and I put down into words our respective experiences. We are spread all over Australia. We catch up on facebook, but I thought a blog would be a great place to tell each of our stories.

  2. Love your button bag Kymmy, its gorgeousness personified and you are a clever clogs for making it :). By the way…not so much of the “old” as I KNOW you are only a few weeks younger than me ;). “50 HERE WE COME!” I doubt it is ready for us Kymmy, we are going to have to teach it a few tricks ;). I will be handing over my button tin to you ceremoniously when you get here and you will probably drool over the contents. You are welcome to them and I will be hunting our local op shops for buttons for you as they are not so tight as the W.A. op shops and you can get them for a song ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I’m really looking forward to the buttons Fran ๐Ÿ™‚ sad I know… We will have to spend some time in the op shops as I love them but don’t have access now. Bruce will be worrying all week lol. There is only 9 days between us, so just over a week, but I guess enough :). We could make flares together and put on an ABBA show for Steve and the dogs lol. Get the jeans from an op shop, oh my creative juices are on overdrive now ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hello fellow button lover! Thank you so much for sharing your button collection. I really enjoyed reading about how you would play with your mum’s button tin when you were little. When I would go and visit my Grandmother, she would let me sort through her tin. I still remember sorting them and being happy for hours. Your button bag is very sweet and I imagine convenient for running your fingers through your collection too ๐Ÿ™‚

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